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Our commitment:
We are advocates and advisors. Empowering you, your family, and your business with sound, personable counsel is at the heart of what we do.

We help our clients navigate uncertainty and build on their successes by providing personable and responsive service.  We make sure our advice is measured, our explanations are clear, and our advocacy is in your best interest.

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Business Law
Family Law

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I am currently a sole proprietor and operate my small business personally, however, people have told me I should incorporate, but I am not sure what the pros and cons of doing this are?

Should I have a holding corporation? What does a holding corporation even do?

I want to sell/give a part of the family business to my adult son/daughter, how do I go about doing this?



I am the Estate Trustee, and a sibling/relative has been causing a problem and is asking questions about the Estate administration. What should I do?

Do I really need a Will? Is it worth the money? What is the worst that could happen by not having a Will?

I have a complex estate including valuable assets and corporate interests, I am not sure how to arrange my affairs when I die. How do I set up an estate plan?


I did not get paid, as agreed, for work that I completed for a client. What are my options?

I rented out my property to tenants who did not pay the rent and damaged the premises. Now they have left the property without even telling me they were leaving. Can I make a claim against them and how much would it cost?

 I own a property jointly with my sibling. I want to sell the property because I need the money, but my sibling refuses to ever sell the place. Am I stuck in this situation forever?






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